Athlete of the Month – Gina S.

To kick off summer, we wanted to highlight one of our most active, hard working athletes in the gym, Gina S.

We took a moment to sit with her, and this is what she told us:


How long have you been with us?

Well, I think I started in late August, so 9 months.


What is your Favorite PR?

My deadlift for sure! I lifted 200 pounds, I was so excited. I made a handful of PR’s back in January, but getting that 200lb deadlift is definitely my favorite.


What are your current goals?

Oh geeze, get a strict pullup; I didn’t know how to go about that until I came here, I know so much more now. Um, consistent double unders, I’ve been working at those for a while. And to run a 5k in 30 or less. I did a 5k in 30 minutes 20 years ago, and want to get to that point again.


What is your go to cheat meal?

I don’t believe in doing cheat meals, if you want something, just have a little bit of it. I will say I have a little bit of chocolate every night, but, everything in moderation.


Advice for anyone on the fence about signing up?

There is a big misconception that you have to be fit to go to the gym, and I don’t think that’s just with CrossFit, but it’s not true! This is infinitely scale-able. When you come in, if you can’t do what’s on the board, the coaches can scale it. I don’t know why people think they need to be fit to workout, you need to workout to be fit.


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