Athlete of the Month- Jonathan V.

To kick off the new year and new decade, we decided to pick for our Athlete of the Month someone who exemplifies what everyone should look for in the coming year; a big heart, a lot of drive and a positive attitude through even the toughest of times. Jonathan has from the day he stepped through our doors, been one of our our biggest and friendliest personalities, and quickly one of our most foundational members to date. We sat down and asked him a few questions about how he came to us and what makes him so great; this is what he said.

Tell us about yourself
Well, I live in Somerset with my girlfriend, Megan, and my three dogs, Hak, Zach, and Myles. I was an infantryman in the Army for four years, a paramedic for over twelve years, I worked in New Bedford and Fall River. I have been a Firefighter and Paramedic for the Foxboro Fire Dept for two years now.

What made you start at Strategic?
I was struggling with PTSD and in a really bad place,. I was depressed, I got sedentary. I knew I had to change and start moving, and I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. I couldn’t go to a big gym with machines and know that I would do what I needed to- I loved the CrossFit team environment with everyone around working out together. This place was right down the street from me, it was a sign, I have got to get my fitness back.

Favorite Movement?
Workout or Movement? (laughs) Well, for a workout it would have to be the Craig Brearley memorial WOD. A fellow firefighter that succumbed to PTSD, it was great to be able to honor him like that. And I really fed off of the positive energy from working out with everyone at the event. I just love big classes that cheer you on through the workout. My favorite movement is the burpee and my newfound Muscle up. I feel like those are the quintessential CrossFit movements.

“I loved the CrossFit team environment with everyone around working out together.”

What s your proudest moment at Strategic?
Well, my first muscle up and making the 300 club in deadlifts- those were big goals for me. And competing in the open this year for the first time.

Favorite cheat meal?
Chinese! I have a weakness for general tso’s chicken… pork fried rice, eggrolls. When we get chinese food at the station, I have to get it, it’s my go to.


What’s one fun thing about you that nobody knows?
My love of animals if that counts. I have helped unknown numbers of turtles cross the road- even snapping turtles. I feel bad for the fish when I go fishing! So, if I ever hit the megabucks, or get a giant inheritance from an unknown relative, I would buy the biggest parcel of land I could and open an animal refuge.

How as being at Strategic helped you?
I can’t say CrossFit has cured my PTSD, but I can say that with CrossFit- it is playing a very important role in my treatment plan. It was a big catalyst for me from a very dark place to a much better one. In a way it saved me, coming here.

Any advice to those thinking of joining?
Get out there and try. I was apprehensive that it was just cookie cutter lift weights, get hurt. I didn’t realize until I came the scaling the personalization that Strategic has in their classes. Strategic is a quaint gym, you get more one on one time with the coaches that you wouldn’t get at a big one. Try it- not all gyms are created equal., and you never know what might happen.

Anything else you would like to add?
Yes. Be kind to one another, you never know what someone else is going through- in the end we are all dust in the wind. And go adopt a puppy!

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