Athlete Of The Month – Jen C.

Jen comes in 5 days a week to train for her job and her sport.




Running marathons and protecting our environment are all in a day’s work for this months Athlete of the Month, Jen! She walked through our door ready to train and get her fitness back on track, and next month, will be taking us on a hike on the conservation land she helps manage, Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary. We sat down quickly with Jen to see what makes her her, and this is what she said:



How long have you been with us? 

Since November 2018


How does going to the gym help you with your job?

It increases my strength and stamina being outdoors for long periods and/or on rough terrain.


What would you say is the most significant change you’ve noticed since joining?

Feeling strong and able to be myself again!


What is your Favorite PR?

Tie between Pause squats and deadlifts



If you had to choose, would you rather squat or deadlift?

Lol – tie!


What are your current goals?

To stay on the fitness path I’m on and build back to endurance races.


What is your go to cheat meal?


Is there a healthy recipe you’d like to share with other athletes?

I love making simple biryani from the Feed Zone cookbook. 


Advice for anyone on the fence about signing up?

If you can show up, try your best and be open to some challenging work – you will get results and feel great!


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