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Holiday Wish List for your CrossFitter

by- Brendan Ferreira

So, someone on your holiday shopping list started CrossFitting, and you have no idea what the heck it is.

All you know is they won’t stop talking about it. Or, maybe YOU just started your CrossFit journey and just want to give someone else some hints. Well, either way you’re in luck. I’ve been CrossFitting since 2007, competing since 2009, coaching since 2013, and running my own box since 2015. In that time, I’ve learned our community does everything, even Christmas wish lists, a little different.

With that in mind, I have compiled a 10 item CrossFit Christmas Wish list full of gifts that will really let your athlete know you care about their fitness as much as they do. These items are arranged from low price to high, starting with stocking stuffers and ending with some all out show stoppers. So, without further ado, here’s your guide to making your athlete the happiest in the box this Christmas!

-Coach B

1.) Wrist Wraps:

One of the first pieces of equipment I recommend new CrossFitters iswrist wraps.For many of us, the reps of pushups, front squats, handstands, overhead and bench presses far exceed anything done prior to CrossFit.

Wrist Wraps can really help you push through the learning curve pain free while your body acclimates to its new requirements. It would certainly be a thoughtful stocking stuffer for any CrossFitter!

Price: $12.75

2.) Tall Socks:

Another great idea for the stocking is the tall sock bundle. They guard our shins from the barbell when deadlifting, save us from rope burn on the descent of a rope climb, and frankly, they look freakin’ cool!

Price: $9.00- $35.00

3.) Jump Rope:

If you’d still like something small to gift, but need something a little more personal than socks, try gifting your CrossFitter an Rx Jump Rope. It’s custom fit to your athlete’s height, and the rope and handle colors are customizable too. Be the reason they get that first double under!

Price: $62

4.) Weightlifting Shoes:

If your CrossFitter is starting to take their training a little more seriously, it’s only a matter of time before they seek out and buy a weightlifting shoe. These shoes allow athletes to squat more efficiently, and aid significantly in the Olympic Lifts.

They are expensive, but since they are only worn for lifting, they last a very, VERY long time.

5.) Kettlebells:

I know I never stop preaching about the importance of the kettlebell as a tool for fitness. Well, that’s because it’s true! The kettlebell is the swiss army knife of gym equipment.  Squat them, snatch them, swing them, flip them.  You name it, you can do it with a bell.  Get a pair for double the work, or a set to see how your strength progresses.  This is a staple in a CrossFit home gym, so if your athlete is missing it, this is the perfect gift for them!

Price: $24-$93

6.) Armor Sandbag

The Armor sandbag is an ultra-durable and versatile tool to enhance anyone’s fitness. One bag can be filled up to a wide range of weights, can be used in place of the barbell, and takes very little skill to use. If you or your athlete already have all the barbells and kettlebells, or if you get enough of that with your training at the gym, then mix it up with a beast of a sandbag back home!

Price: $72.50

8.) Barbell and Bumpers 

Well if he or she doesn’t have them yet, I promise, they want it. With customizable colors in both men’s and women’s barbells, and plenty of great rubber bumper plate packages to choose from, Rogue fitness barbell and bumpers will be a guaranteed hit for your athlete.

Barbell Price:$200- $550

Bumpers: $300-$500

7.) Month’s worth of Massage Therapy:

As we get into the higher ticket items, let’s start with one that shows you really put the thought in.  A couple massage may be a kind gesture for normal people, but CrossFitters often revolve their lives around training and health.  Go the extra mile and get them some bodywork that can help their performance.

Price: $50-$500

9.) Concept 2 Rower:

Every CrossFitter that does not have a rower is jealous of everyone that does. It’s a known fact. It might as well be a mathematical law and it’s easy to see why. It’s a great way to recover or start the day. You can do it in the living room while watching TV. If you miss the gym you can just blast out a row, and you never need to worry about the weather. Throw in the fact that its low impact on the knees and hips, and it’s a wonder more people aren’t investing into one of these machines. That being said, this rower is just that, an investment into your fitness. They are expensive, but last a very long time with little maintenance requirements. It would make a great “Big Ticket” gift that would for sure be the star of the show.

Price: $950

10.) WOD on the Waves Fitness Cruise:

Been saving to take him or her on a special vacation?

Are you worried that they might try and train through the whole trip, or miss experiences because they want to go to the gym? Well here is the ultimate solution to that problem!

The Wod on the Waves Fitness Cruise coming up next April and is on one of the most luxurious cruise ships that sails out of Miami.

The cruise sails for 3 days and 4 nights and hosts so many fitness related events, seminars and group workouts, your athlete will never get bored.  Furthermore, the clubs, casinos, restaurants and destinations give plenty for you non-crossfitters (SHAME!!!) to do as well!

So, if you’re already being thoughtful and planning the big trip, go the extra mile and give your athlete the cruise of their dreams.  Did I mention ALL of their favorite athletes will be there just hanging out too? Take them on the cruise!

Price: $899-$8,000

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